Paris: The City of Lights

Paris has been the center stone of beauty and romance throughout history, and a major tourist spot for many budding romances around the world.

It is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world with a bridge of locks that potential couples meet. A numerous number of novels, tourist guides, plays, movies are dedicated to romantic stories set against the beautiful city of Paris. There are hundreds of French cafes and restaurants serving authentic French cuisine, shops that lay the foundation of Paris as a fashion hotspot, and the sheer number of parks where couples, families, and friends can picnic together, as well as innumerable museums and landmarks which establish Paris as the city to visit for its mind blowing art and unique architecture.

Parisians know fashion in and out, and are most experienced in what they know about the absolute best and most recent of style trends and fashions. One could visit Paris just to sample its cuisine and view the local architecture, and feel the fabric within its niche markets. Paris could be a major reason to visit just to sit by the Eiffel tower and indulge in a small lunch with your significant other.